Bolo de Cacau Decadente/Decadent Cocoa Cake

Making this cake was very rewarding. After 2 years away from Instagram, I was invited by two girls to participate in an online cooking class. It was a very good time. The recipe itself is gluten-free and with a applesauce. I had to change some ingredients to make it ok for my kids … And it was truly decadent!

It’s amazing how many people I have known over the years of blogging. Placed in the four corners of the earth, I have learned a lot from them all. With both families with allergies and with kids food bloggers it has been quite a walk.


I don’t always have the necessary availability, because in the very first place are my kiddos and the family. And since the blog is a sharing of our table, I can never overlap those moments. But I really need to share this wonder with you. I can’t put on weight alone!


A carregar…

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Bom Apetite!


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