Iogurtes de Espelta / Spelt Yogurts

This is a long-awaited recipe. I have several yogurt recipies in our blog, but spelt recipes were a challenge. Spelt drink requires a lot of cornstarch to thick, and even so, from one moment to the next it becomes liquid again. It is frustrating, and the yogurts were not in good condition.

Fortunately Lucas and Matilde have already overcome their allergy to soy, and they have to maintain a certain amount of intake to minimize the risk of developing the allergy again. But this is where it gets complicated. Mateus is still allergic to soy he can eat coconut-based yogurts. Matilde, technically, can eat soy yogurts, but she doesn’t like it, she likes the ones with fruit but she can’t eat because she developed a fruit-mediated allergy and with Coronavirus, appointments are suspended.


Therefore, spelt drink is safe for everyone here at home. All that remained was to solve the texture. There were days of searching for a solution, and I found it on the Yogurtness website. All I needed was a thickener, other than starch, vegan milk lactic ferments and spelt drink.

After a few more days of research, I found Ortis’ laboratories. They stay here very close to me and after sending an e-mail and making a call, I was contacted by the Scientific Coordinator, Luc Vanderkragt, who was quite surprised and enthusiastic about the objective I had for his product. The name is currently Beneflora Original, but it will change these days to the name Lactibiotica, keeping its composition and is totally vegan and without soy.


It has a perfect texture! It can be eaten natural, with cereals, in smoothies. I couldn’t be more satisfied. With only six ingredients, four of them are milk, making a delicious yogurt.

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Bom Apetite!


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