Chocolate Crunchie /Crunchie Chocolat

The day I don’t like chocolate, something is wrong. It has always been (and always will be) my favorite sweet. Maybe because it made me have horrible asthma attacks and left me with facial angioedema. Maybe because I couldn’t eat, I wanted to eat more. I get a lot of scares to my mom, every time I managed to find a way to eat chocolate. Fortunately, and after a horrible reaction I made to a TWIX during Matilde’s pregnancy, I never had any problems eating chocolate again. My doctor says that pregnancies cause huge changes due to hormonal changes, and the truth is that I had some good years with controlled asthma, interestingly until Lucas’s pregnancy.


But back to chocolate. This one especially brings back great memories of my school days. Breaks and lunch hours sitting in tower C playing Uno and eating Crunchie. Now I understand my mother so well and her warnings not to eat anything that would hurt me, now her fear is my fear and her recommendations are mine. Sorry mom and thank you!

I’ve been trying to make HoneyComb for a long time, which is the inside of the crunchie. Sometimes it got burnt, sometimes it got excess Baking soda … this was a game of half a gram upwards, half a gram downwards.

However, and finally, I did it! Yey. I now have the huge problem of being able to do something I love with less than half a dozen ingredients, ups!


Bom Apetite!

Enjoy it!

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