Macarons Vegan

I’ve been trying to get this recipe for a long time. As you know, we live in Brussels, and in every pastry there are lots of macarons looking at us. They have that delicious and shiny look … but they have almonds (egg whites don’t bother me anymore because I already have a solution).

Matilde is the one who dreams the most about macarons, her eyes shine in a way that makes me more than determined to get it right. This version was neither perfect nor brilliant. But they were very good


Macaron is a small biscuit made with almond flour, granulated and smooth with a round shape. It is small, round, delicious and has conquered the most demanding palates worldwide. It is a specialty in several French cities and therefore the recipe and presentation can change from place to place. Some examples are those of Amiens, Boulay, Chartres, Cormery, Joyeuse, Le Dorat, Massiac, Montmorillon, Nancy, Rau, Saint-Émilion, Sainte-Croix Lannion or Sault. These are the cities where macaron is undoubtedly a gastronomic heritage.

The typical pasta base of a macaron consists of: meringue, almond flour, powdered sugar, common sugar and egg white. They usually take stuffing and topping and are baked. But time and temperature vary depending on the recipe and color. The lighter the more time and the lower the temperature.

The name macaron has an Arab origin, it is even known and consumed in Syria under the name louzieh (meaning almond) because it is linked to the production of this nut. The first known recipes date from the Renaissance.


The macaron was a simple almond cookie, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was in the 1930s, that they had the idea of ​​joining two cookies and filling them with jellies and then with different flavors of cream, ganaches or marmalades. At the beginning of the 20th century, Ladurée de Paris decided to innovate and combine food colorings making macaron what we know today.

But you ask … After all, if you can’t use almonds, how did you make them?


Three basic ingredients: almond flour (which has been replaced … look at the suspense), powdered sugar and egg white (also replaced).

Optional ingredients: white sugar for meringue, lemon lime juice, vanilla and food coloring. We can also use cocoa powder cocoa powder, according to the taste you want. Yes, as you can see the list of ingredients is simple!


To have the best meringue we must add sugar three times and not all at once.


When the meringue is ready, gently sifted flour and powdered sugar are added. With a spatula, mix gently to avoid damaging the meringue. slow and steady movements towards the center of the bowl while turning with circular motion. At the end, the mixture should be shiny and when lifting the spoon we should see a thread.

How to make them crispy

The dough is placed in a pastry bag and made into small pieces on a tray lined with parchment paper / silicone. To make them as crispy as possible, after being on the tray, beat 2/3 times with the tray on the countertop and leave 1 hour before putting it in the oven.

To bake

That is the question. The lighter the temperature and the longer the time. It depends on the recipe, for my light blue I left 20 minutes at 150 degrees, and at the end I opened the door and let it cool inside.

Sablés de Côco / Coconut Shortbread Biscuit

De volta à edição de receitas. Tenho partilhado tanta foto mas editar é sempre mais complicado. Neste último mês e meio aconteceu tanta coisa. Entrámos em confinamento, novamente, as escolas fecharam, meteram-se férias pelo caminho, aulas online, quarentenas… Impossível chegar a todo o lado.


Voltei, voltei… Voltei de lá… Vim aqui rápido rapidinho só para vos contar e aliciar a fazerem estas maravilhosas bolachas Oreo. No fundo será um grande problema porque vão querer comer até a última migalha antes de conseguirem rechear todas. Verdade, ficaram tão boas assim!

Carcaça / Loaf

Carcaça! Faz parte das minhas memórias de infância. Como eu adorava comer manteiga com pão (isso, não era pão com manteiga) e molhar no leite com café (cevada). Bem… gostava e gosto. É daqueles prazeres que me fazem viajar no tempo.

A carregar…

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