Croissants Vegan

You know that I love a good challenge and nothing better to end the year 2020, than to put my hands, arms and head in a French recipe. French cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. Not that it is the favorite here at home but when it comes to desserts it is something beautiful.

Croissant means “half-moon” and is the puff pastry bread (or brioche) famous worldwide, sweetened with a variety of fillings.

Contrary to what many of us think, its origin is not French, but Austrian. Its origin is even considered one of the great legends of all times.


Legend says that this specialty was invented around 1683 in Vienna, by that time the Ottoman Empire was trying to increase its possessions in Europe. As they were unable to enter Vienna, the army decided that during the night they would dig a tunnel into the city center.
But they did not have the Vienna bakers, who stayed up at night to make bread. The bakers heard noise and raised the alarm, which made the Turks unsuccessful in their attempt to conquer the city.

The bakers wanted no reward other than the exclusive right to create something to commemorate their victory. They decided to create some crescent-shaped puff buns, a symbol represented on the Turkish flag. This bread became known as “Viennoiserie”.


It was only later, around 1770, that the croissant arrived in French territory, through Marie Antoinette, an Austrian by birth and who became Queen of France. This was a roll that she loved and as such she took it with her to the country that hosted it. Nowadays, croissants are a frequent presence in French families’ breakfasts and sold in all bakeries and streets in France.

And here that nobody listens to us, who can resist the good look of a soft and fluffy croissant with a crunchy crust? For breakfast, snack, simple or with chocolate, butter or jam, or even honey, a croissant always tastes delicious!

So, how to make a vegan croissant? We use vegan butter. I suggest you use one that is cold and hard. The result is much more puff pastry. A softer vegan butter does not have the same interior result, but it is also delicious and super light.

This recipe takes at least 24 hours, the more patience the better. As I did on Christmas holidays and we were walking these were 36 hours. It was well worth it and the patience. Although they were only eaten in an hour.

Sablés de Côco / Coconut Shortbread Biscuit

De volta à edição de receitas. Tenho partilhado tanta foto mas editar é sempre mais complicado. Neste último mês e meio aconteceu tanta coisa. Entrámos em confinamento, novamente, as escolas fecharam, meteram-se férias pelo caminho, aulas online, quarentenas… Impossível chegar a todo o lado.


Voltei, voltei… Voltei de lá… Vim aqui rápido rapidinho só para vos contar e aliciar a fazerem estas maravilhosas bolachas Oreo. No fundo será um grande problema porque vão querer comer até a última migalha antes de conseguirem rechear todas. Verdade, ficaram tão boas assim!

Carcaça / Loaf

Carcaça! Faz parte das minhas memórias de infância. Como eu adorava comer manteiga com pão (isso, não era pão com manteiga) e molhar no leite com café (cevada). Bem… gostava e gosto. É daqueles prazeres que me fazem viajar no tempo.

A carregar…

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