Palmiers Vegan

Memories. Life is full of memories. There are smells that can make us travel for years and years, that awaken sleeping images. There are memories so strong that we can almost smell and taste them, memories that, even after years and years, can make us laugh or thrill just like when it happened.


Renato and I have been together for 21 years. There are already a thousand and one moments to remember. There are memories of our datings that I cherish so much. One of them was our evening snack, when my classes were over. Orange juice and a palmier. It is something that we still maintain today, sharing desserts.

When Renato saw it, he immediately smiled, that smile of recognition that does not require words or explanations. Another moment that is recorded.

Of course, my little ones loved it. Mateus was my faithful assistant. This recipe is based on puff pastry, but express. What do I mean by express? Yes it is homemade, but it was done in cheat mode.

The dough is a basic one, vanilla and slightly sweet dough. It can be as sweet as you want, I made it a little sweet.

So what is an express puff pastry?

No, it didn’t come in a package.

After making the dough we cut the dough into equal pieces, we open the dough as much as possible and brush it with butter at room temperature and sprinkle with sugar. The more open it is, the more layers it makes.

Then roll up, try to make a better rectangle than mine.

After everything is rolled up it folds.

And finally we cut it in half and it looks beautiful like this.

Tomorrow, when I repeat them for Sunday, I will cut even more to the tip, not making it so high at the end. I think a more beautiful heart was left. I will upload it later with this change.

After roasting, and we like them more for toasted, we have beautiful hearts. Of course it is not the typical pastry palmier, these take more hours and have other steps, but these are equally good, crunchy and tasty.



Voltei, voltei… Voltei de lá… Vim aqui rápido rapidinho só para vos contar e aliciar a fazerem estas maravilhosas bolachas Oreo. No fundo será um grande problema porque vão querer comer até a última migalha antes de conseguirem rechear todas. Verdade, ficaram tão boas assim!

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Carcaça / Loaf

Carcaça! Faz parte das minhas memórias de infância. Como eu adorava comer manteiga com pão (isso, não era pão com manteiga) e molhar no leite com café (cevada). Bem… gostava e gosto. É daqueles prazeres que me fazem viajar no tempo.

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