Carcaça / Loaf

It is part of my childhood memories. How I loved to eat butter with bread (that was not bread and butter) and soak it in milk with coffee (barley). Well … I liked it and I like it. It’s those pleasures that make my mind travel.



I can’t decide whether I like the crunchy part or the soft core more. I don’t know, I just know that I love bread and more and more I am closer to having homemade bread, with the flavor and texture of bread from the bakery.

Here in Belgium it is not easy to find bread that you don’t have or milk or eggs. It’s part of their culture. I haven’t found a bakery like the Portuguese until today. Bread is sold either in supermarkets or in pastry shops.

And you ask:

After all, what is different about this bread?

This recipe is great for those who appreciate the real taste of bread and is perfect for those who want to have hot bread in the morning.

Slow fermentation

Yeast increases its activity at temperatures of 23 to 30 degrees and that is why when making bread, normal fermentation, the water must be warm. At lower temperatures, yeast bacteria decrease their metabolism and carbon dioxide production. In this technique of FERMENTATION IN THE COLD we have to be careful that the temperature of the dough does not increase and make a first fermentation shorter (although I like the first fermentation to be an hour).

Another issue to take into account, in this cold fermentation technique there is the release of acetic acid. If you don’t like bread with a very sharp flavor, you can reduce 1/2 g in the amount of yeast. The ideal for fridge temperature is 4 degrees.

Slow fermentation breads are more digestible and beneficial to health due to the breakdown of proteins that are the main constituents of gluten.

The format can be at your choice. I prefer individual breads because they are easier for my children to use without our assistance. They are easy to freeze and the next day you just have to put them in the oven as if they had just been made. I usually do breads with 80/100 grams, perfect for lunchbox and sandwiches for breakfast.


Voltei, voltei… Voltei de lá… Vim aqui rápido rapidinho só para vos contar e aliciar a fazerem estas maravilhosas bolachas Oreo. No fundo será um grande problema porque vão querer comer até a última migalha antes de conseguirem rechear todas. Verdade, ficaram tão boas assim!

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Palmiers Vegan

Memórias. A vida é deita de memórias. Há cheiros que nos podem fazer viajar anos e anos, que despertam imagens adormecidas. Há memórias tão fortes que quase podemos sentir o cheiro e o sabor, memórias que , mesmo passando anos e anos, nos consegue soltar gargalhadas ou emocionar tal como quando aconteceu.

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